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We're often on the lookout for passionate people with aligned values to join our growing team.

Our impact is global

impact map

Environmental impact

Our Commitment:

be carbon neutral AND for core products, remove (offset) where we cannot AND plant a tree for every pallet order received, reduce the amount of virgin plastic used and develop reuse programmes to increase plastic lifecycles

Microplastics swimming in water

2000kg ocean-bound plastic

recovered in partnership with Plastic Credits Exchange

Planting trees

25 trees planted

based on one fore every purchase order fulfilled in partnership with Tree Sisters

Van returning bottles for reuse

0.01% plastic bottles returned

for reuse through our Container Reuse Programme

CO2 Removed from atmostphere

30 tonnes of CO2e

carbon and equivalent GHGs removed from the atmosphere based on product estimates and team footprints in partnership with Earthly

“What you are offering is amazing, they are the easy transaction things but they will have ripple effects much more than that, helping changemakers be healthy so they can deliver more change in a healthy way.”

Sarah Corbett

The Craftivist Collective

Our Commitment: Give 50% of surpluses towards Quiet Changemakers

Social impact

Both founders have lived experience of burn-out on the front lines of purpose-driven organisations. They faced a lack of support infrastructure to help recognise these signs and avoid burnout.

They also both care deeply about the planet and a just transition – knowing that progress to Net Zero will require communities to drive change, coming together to act. Across all communities are changemakers, working tirelessly for change and to support those most vulnerable – often they themselves are also vulnerable!

We call these changemakers ‘Quiet Changemakers’, and they are often quiet for one of two reasons. Firstly, because they have their heads down, focusing on action at community level or secondly, because their voices just aren’t heard – potentially due to the (unconscious or conscious) bias that is known to exist against intersectional voices in our media.

Quiet Changemaker

1 Quiet Changemaker

supported across change-making organisations including WEN and Healing Justice London


8 Amplifications

Interventions including counselling, massage, veg boxes, coaching, gym membership, and other things to support the mental health and wellbeing of quiet changemakers

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