Container Reuse Process

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Once 5L of our soap has cleaned 2500+ pairs of hands or 1000+ lovely bodies, the empty containers can be collected by our distributors when they next come!  

  1. (ONE OFF) Print off posters provided and ensure wider team is aware of the process.
  2. (ONE OFF) AG provides 6x PackSac (drawstring bags) (70% recycled) that can hold 27 x 5L containers to DISTRIBUTORA. First set of PackSac provided free of charge. 
  3. (ONE OFF) AG provides pallet worth of 5L container caps to CLEANER.
  4. END CUSTOMER When at least 2x5L container are empty and undamaged (no cracks or contaminants on inside or outside) then please rinse, leaving Amplify Goods label intact and replace the cap, and return to the 2x5L cardboard box and set it aside for collection. In the same way you place an order for additional, products, raise an order for “Amplify Goods’ 2x5L Collection for Reuse” product code 17.914.046.
  5. DISTRIBUTOR collects empty 2x5L and consolidates in their central DC, transferring from cardboard boxes to our PackSacs, with each holding 27x5L, whilst undertaking a visual inspection for quality control – do not return damaged bottles. When 6 PackSacs are full, fill out this form.
  6. AG orders via CLEANERS website to organise collection and issues PO to cleaning partner for collection.
  7. CLEANER confirms collection day.
  8. AG confirms collection day to DISTRIBUTOR.
  9. On weekly route in the area, the CLEANER drives to DISTRIBUTOR to collect 6×27 5L reusable containers, and then back at HQ they quality control these, letting AG know if >10% are missing or damaged. CLEANER provides 6 empty bags to DISTRIBUTOR in replacement.
  10. CLEANER strips labels off if not intact and will hot wash and sanitise and dry the tubs, and lightly put the new lids on (to not engage any tamper proof in the lid) and confirms reuse unit count to AG. CLEANER will maintain a QA system incl. microbiological testing and visual inspections.
  11. When there is a full pallet, AG confirms delivery of clean containers to FILLER.
  12. Within 10 working days, CLEANER delivers clean containers to FILLER and collects pallet worth of container lids ready for the next batch.
  13. CLEANER sends invoice to AG for 27×6 containers and shipping to FILLER.

FOOTNOTE: If drawstring bags are lost, replacements will be charged at £12 per unit. We also reserve the flexibility to pass on any costs if 5L containers collected do not meet the required quantity or criteria above. 

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